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Scott Knudsen

Born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, Scott Knudsen is a true lifelong northerner. This has given him an unsurpassed appreciation and enthusiasm for the landscape, wildlife and people of the province's north. Exploring northern Saskatchewan through Scott’s images gives viewers the opportunity to experience the wonder and beauty of a seldom seen environment. 

Through his work in the road construction and mineral exploration industries, Scott has had many opportunities to experience and photograph parts of northern Saskatchewan rarely seen by others. This is what makes his images unique. The north’s landscape is spectacular, and it was a desire to share this with others that initially ignited Scott’s interest in photography. 

Since purchasing his first camera as a teenager, Scott has worked hard to develop both his artistic eye and his technical skills as a photographer. Both his passion for photography and his connection to the natural environment motivate him to capture that which is most appealing about the north. 

Scott’s appetite for adventure keeps him constantly exploring with his photography gear. He can be found navigating the unsteady rocks along shorelines, climbing trees, hiking through the boreal forest, and canoeing along the region's lakes and rivers. Drawing inspiration from an exquisite natural backdrop, Scott’s images have become a reflection of his spiritual connection with nature.

The Northscape Photography web-site was envisioned to offer the world access to beautiful images of northern Saskatchewan.

Even though Northscape Photography specializes in images of the northern half of Saskatchewan, we will also be offering images from around the world.

This web-site is new, so please check back often as the web-site becomes populated with new images.

All existing images can be enlarged or edited for colour correction and cropping, free of charge.

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